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Andreas Erdpresser is Managing Director of Interconnection in Bratislava. He has extensive industry knowledge and is an expert in market intelligence, industry and product trends, as well as in innovation management. Before his time at Interconnection, Andreas Erdpresser worked at IBM, Kraft Foods (Mondelez) in Product Change Management, and at Management Consulting Partners in implementation consulting for industrial customers. He studied Economics at the JKU (Linz, Austria) and at the University of Western Ontario (Richard Ivey Business School, Ontario, Canada).

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New Directive Invigorates the CEE Fire-Rated Door Market

Overall, the market for fire-rated doors in Central and Eastern Europe (excluding Russia) increased in volume by 3.2% in 2017 and is forecast to increase by 3.1% annually to 2021, according to a study by Interconnection Consulting. The market volume in 2017 was just under EUR 310.8 million.


Higher Average Prices

With a gain of 2.6% in value in 2018, the market will grow at a slightly weaker pace than in the previous years. However, market volume will increase considerably, notching a plus of 5.7%. One reason for this is the rising average prices due to the introduction of the new, binding quality standard EN 16034, which was introduced in the EU in 2017. Previously, producers of countries with stricter requirements had to spend more on quality control and production, which resulted in a distortion of competition, says Sasa Spiridonov, author of the study. “The new directive will allow for a fairer market, which means every producer will have to meet the same product standards.”


Stronger Fire Protection on the Rise

In 2017, a total of 700,700 fire-rated doors were sold in the CEE region. The non-residential sector, with 641,600 doors (representing a market share of 91.6%) is clearly the dominant market for fire-rated doors. While wood is the dominant material for fire-rated doors in Western Europe, steel doors account for 67% in the CEE countries. Wooden doors, by contrast, play a comparatively insignificant role, having a market share of just 15.6%. Fire-rated doors with a 30-minute fire resistance guarantee account for 54.9% of the market. However, due to increasing quality standards in production and demand, there is also an uptick in demand for stronger fire-rated doors. For example, fire-rated doors with 90 minutes of resistance (+6.5%) and 120 minutes of resistance (+5.3%) achieved the highest growth rates in 2017. At 63.9%, direct distribution is still the predominant form of distribution in the CEE countries.

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New Directive Ensures Fairness in the Fire-Rated Door Market

Overall, the market for fire-rated doors in Western Europe notched an increase of 4.3% in 2017 and is expected to expand by 4.8% per year until 2021, according to a study by Interconnection Consulting. Overall, the market volume in 2017 was just under EUR 2.6 billion.


With a growth rate of 5.2% in 2018, the market will grow even faster than in the previous year. One reason for this is the rising average prices due to the introduction of the new, binding quality standard EN 16034, which was introduced in the EU in 2017. Until then, quality standards were not in sync, which meant that the average price for fire-rated doors in Spain was 450 euros, but in Germany over 1,000 euros. In simple terms, this meant that producers in countries with more stringent requirements had to spend more on quality control and production, which resulted in a distortion of competition, according to Sasa Spiridonov, author of the study. “The new directive will allow for a fairer market, which means every producer will have to meet the same product standards.” Countries, such Germany, that will hardly have to make any adaptations to their production will benefit the most from these changes. “Over the next 5 years, German producers will increase their market share in Spain and Italy,” states Spiridonov.


Strong Fire-Rated Doors on the Rise

In 2017, a total of 3.6 million fire-rated doors were sold. With a share of 84.1%, the non-residential sector is the dominant consumer of fire-rated doors. Wooden doors accounted for 46.6%, making them the largest product group, though with a slowly decreasing share. By contrast, steel and aluminum doors have been able to slowly expand their market shares. The fire-rated door with a 30-minute fire resistance guarantee accounts for 65.0% of the market. However, due to increasing quality standards in both production and demand, there is also an uptick in demand for stronger fire-rated doors. For example, fire-rated doors with 90 minutes of resistance (+6.2%) and 120 minutes of resistance (+5.6%) achieved the highest growth rates in 2017.


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Exterior Doors Market in Western Europe reaches Growth Peak

In 2018 the market for exterior doors in Western Europe is set to experience the kind of gains it has not seen in years. With a plus in value of 3.9%, the 2017/18 growth has also reached its peak for the coming years. Up to the year 2021, growth will fall off slightly, with a CAGR of 3.4% in value, according to a study by Interconnection Consulting. Economic growth, consumer expenditure, investments, and the solid development in the construction sector are the driving forces behind the good prospects in the exterior door market.

New Construction Sector with Better Development

In Germany, the 2018 market is on course to increase by 3.7%. The country’s population growth means that 350,000 to 400,000 apartments must be built annually, which is more than the current output of 263,000 units. “In Germany, subsidized housing currently falls short of demand, but is still a driving force in the exterior door market,” explains Laszlo Barla, author of the study. Although Great Britain is still struggling with the repercussions of Brexit, it will be able to spring back somewhat with gains in both sales (+0.5%) and revenue (+1.5%) after a poor showing last year. In fact, the rate of growth is expected to increase slightly in the coming years. In France, the market is aiming to gain 7.3%. Both economic growth and the number of newly constructed buildings will continue their upward trend. Even Italy saw strong market gains of 5.2% in 2018, with newly constructed buildings accounting for the growth. By comparison, the renovation market, which constitutes nearly three-fourths of overall business, will increase by only 3.3%. In Spain, growth is currently at 3.8% by value. Interconnection is expecting the Spanish market to have an annual average growth rate of 3.6% through 2021.

PVC Growing

PVC has gained in market shares in Western Europe in recent years on account of its use in subsidized housing and its comparative value. The market share of PVC is thereby on course to hit 26.3% by 2021. In 2012, this figure was only 23.9%. By comparison, wood is expected to lose shares over the same period and end up in third place behind PVC. Aluminum still continues to be the market leader and will increase its market share to 28.8% by 2021. Aluminum is especially the largest segment across the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, where it garners a market share of 36.5%. In Great Britain and Ireland, by contrast, PVC is the big winner, with a share of 38.2%. Yet in the Scandinavian countries, wood is the favored material, with a market share of 39.7%.

Residential Buildings the Core Segment

Residential buildings is the largest market segment since non-residential buildings also employ other types of doors such as industrial doors, revolving doors, etc. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and the Benelux countries, the market share of residential buildings comes to roughly 75%. In the remaining Western European regions, the residential market share is approximately 66%. In Southern Europe and Great Britain, the renovation market traditionally plays a larger role than new constructions on account of the longer service life.

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Exterior Doors Market with Strong Growth in Eastern Europe

Low interest rates, rising salaries, and sinking unemployment are once again making homes affordable. This, in turn, has boosted the Eastern European market for exterior doors, which, following record growth last year of +9.6%, is expected to gain yet another 4.5% in volume in 2018. For the following years, however, Interconnection Consulting expects the market to cool off, resulting in more moderate gains.

Balkan Countries Catching Up

As a result of the economic recovery in the Balkans, the Balkan nations, led by Croatia, will show even stronger growth than the Visegrad countries of Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. Their share of the overall market is only 21.9%, whereas Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia garner 78.1%. In 2012, the share of the Balkan countries analyzed was still considerably higher at 29.2%. Croatia is currently benefitting from strong domestic demand and rising buying power brought about by a series of tax cuts and an increase of minimum wages in the public sector in the previous year. The market volume is expected to gain yet another 5.5% over the previous year. Greece is also continuing its gradual upswing, where sales volume in 2018 will increase by 4.6%. In Slovenia, Interconnection is expecting a growth in sales of 3.6%.

Good News for Visegrad Countries

Of the Visegrad nations, Poland will see a growth in sales of 3.5%. Residential building construction increased 11% in 2017, a trend that is expected to continue in the future, according to Laszlo Barla, author of the study. The Czech Republic registered the highest increase in the Visegrad Group, with a plus of 5.0%. Both the positive economic conditions and a high production rate in the construction industry have translated into big sales for the exterior door market as well. In Slovakia, sales will grow at a comparatively more moderate rate of 2.3% in 2018.

Competition for PVC

With a market share of 26.5%, PVC remains the leading product segment in Eastern Europe. Aluminum and steel (at 24.5% and 17.2%, respectively) are close behind, however, and will continue to gain ground on PVC. PVC is the number one in the Visegrad countries with a share of 24.9%, and even though the share of PVC in the Balkan states is higher (33.4%), it still falls clearly behind aluminum at 44.1%. While in residential buildings metal is the clear leader in growth (+6.5%) and aluminum and PVC are both registering above-average growth, the strongest growth in non-residential buildings will be in aluminum (3.5%).

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A Bright Future For Automatic Doors

The market for automatic door systems has slightly grown in Europe last year. Overall, the increase in turnover and sales amounted to 1.8% in 2016 and was therefore significantly higher than in previous years. This trend will continue in the coming years.  According to a study by experts from Interconnection Consulting, by 2019 an average annual growth rate of 3% per year is expected.


Sliding doors are the unchallenged leaders

The largest product group in all analyzed countries are automatic sliding doors, with a market share of 46.8%. The second largest group is swing doors with 31.2%. Over the next few years, these two product groups will generate disproportionate growth and will thus further increase their market shares. Revolving doors and telescopic doors are far behind, with a share of 7.3% and 7.0%, respectively.


Great Britain and Poland are stimulating the market

Almost all of the analyzed countries were able to achieve at least minimal growth last year. Only Italy still awaits the long-awaited boom in the construction industry, which should give construction-dependent industries a boost. This will already be the case in 2017. Interconnection expects a hefty plus (+4.9%) for Italy for the first time after years of downturn.

The growth drivers of the European market last year were Poland and Great Britain. Poland achieved a sales upturn of 4.4% in 2016. A total of 11.414 automatic doors were sold last year, of which 59.4% were sliding doors. Compared to Polish sales, British sales figures were roughly three times higher. The increase was 3.7%. Despite the political and economic uncertainty caused by Brexit, this sector is expected to continue to grow rapidly, says Marianna Svartzova, author of the study. Last year, for the first time in a year of downturn, France was able to regain a slight growth again (+1.2 in value). This moderate growth (between 1.0% and 2.0%) is also expected to continue in the coming years.


Moderate growth for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

With a market volume of 176.5 million Euros, the German market is by far the largest market for door automation. Last year, the German market developed very moderately (+1.5%). However, the prospects for the next few years promise higher gains. Austria’s market for tourism has stagnated in recent years (2016: sales: +0.3%). Market consolidation has led to declining average prices in recent years. Next year, the industry is expected to experience significant growth again, Interconnection Consulting experts predict. The market for automatic doors in Switzerland is almost 10% larger than in Austria. Last year, sales increased by 2.7% and the Swiss market for automatic doors will continue to maintain its high growth level in the future. A total of 54.4% of all sales in Switzerland were for sliding doors.


Strong distinction of market concentration

As in many other sectors, there is also a tendency towards ever-increasing market concentration in the sector of automatic doors. In the UK, the shares of the top 10 companies are the lowest (83.4%). The shares of the ten largest companies in the overall market are highest in France (93.2%). The largest companies for automatic doors across Europe are Assa Abloy, Geze, Dormakaba, Record and Gilgen.

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IC Events


Our day-long Marketing Forum will provide a comprehensive overview of the Italian Construction elements market.  In the morning we will give an overview of the core results of our studies and will analyze the singular product groups (Windows, Exterior Doors and Exterior Sun Protection elements) as well as the market environment (building construction) and economic outlook of the branch. We consider the market developments and potential, including forecasts up to 2021. We will also be presenting key market drivers, trends, and success factors.

The market lectures will include market sizes and will present the highlights of the singular segments. In the afternoon, you can expect to learn about selected tools for your marketing and sales agendas that will make you even more successful on the market! Our discussions following the lectures will give you the opportunity to ask questions and raise topics important to you!

Core results and benchmarks of the Construction elements market in Italy + WEU
in the following categories: Windows, Exterior Doors + Exterior Sun Protection

Segments:  Product Groups, Materials, Customer Segments + Business Segments
including average prices and growth rates


Price: € 890.- per participant / except EARLY BIRDS
The price includes a 3-course-menu, catering and electronic records.

Conference language: Italian

EARLY BIRD Special 2for1 until March 1, 2019
Our special enables the participation of two persons for the price of one
and is valid for participants of the same company.

We kindly ask for an early registration via online application form!
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information!

I look forward to welcome you in Milan!
Dr. Stefano Armandi
Senior Consultant, Interconnection Consulting
Tel: + 43 1 585 4623-0

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Fenetres, Portes + Protection Solaire en France

Notre forum de marketing, qui dure toute la journée, présente un aperçu complet du marché français du chauffage, de la ventilation et de la climatisation, en relation avec le développement des principaux marchés européens. Dans la matinée, nous donnons un aperçu des résultats clef d’un grand nombre d’études et analysons l’évolution du marché et son potentiel, avec les prévisions jusqu’en 2021, sur la base de nos études actuelles. Les moteurs du marché (en particulier le secteur de la construction), les tendances et les facteurs de réussite sont également étudiés et présentés.

Les conférences traitent également des tailles de marché et des prix moyens en termes de groupes de produits, de matériaux et de segments de clientèle. Dans l’après-midi, nous présenterons des outils choisis pour vos programmes de marketing et de vente, afin d‘améliorer encore vos performances ! Nos discussions à la suite des conférences vous permettront de présenter vos sujets et vos questions!

Résultats clés et références du marché français par rapport à l’Europe de l’Ouest dans les secteurs suivants:
Fenêtres I Portes extérieurs I  protections solaires en extérieur

Avec des données sur l’ensemble du marché et les points critiques de l’évolution des sous-segments suivants:
Groupes de produits I Secteurs d’activité I Canaux de distribution I Matériels.
Ainsi que les tendances, l’évolution des prix et les facteurs de réussite.

comme facteur de succès, créer des partenariats fructueux
POWER PRICING:  Optimisation des revenus grâce à un politique de prix
CREATION EN LIGNE DE CONTACTS CLIENTS pour le marché des éléments de construction

Prix: € 890.- par participant, sauf les Early Birds
Le prix comprend le dejeuné, les raffraichissements et les documents numériques.

Langue de la conference: Français

EARLY BIRD Special 2for1: 2 pour le prix d‘un jusqu‘au 14 Janvier 2019
Il permet à deux personnes de participer au prix d’un, il est valable pour les participants d’une même société.

Nous demandons une inscription rapide par un formulaire online.
Pour d’autres questions, nous sommes toujours disponibles!

J’attendrai votre réponse et je serais heureux de vous rencontrer en personne!
Vito Graziano
Senior Consultant, Interconnection Consulting
Tel: + 43 1 585 4623-0

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Deutscher Holzfertigbau Verband

Interconnection provides us with the prefabricated house study a plausible and veritable data basis for the analysis of the actual situation in the prefabricated house market and beyond for the assessment of the future market development. We are happy to use this interpreted data for our lobbying and everyday work.

Thomas Schäfer (Managing Director, Deutscher Holzfertigbau-Verband)


The prefabricated housing study by Interconnection Consulting shows a real picture of the actual market situation and forms a valuable basis for our strategic decisions.

Gerhard Schuller (CFO ELK)


EPSON is satisfied with the Interconnection's way of communication with the market and with clients. EPSON is also appriciate the Interconnection's continuous work trying to aim the report to be at the higher level. As a result, EPSON rely on Interconnection data, for the market of POS Printers and Systems.

T.Murakami (Brand Management, Seiko Epson Corporation)

Saint Gobain

Long experience and deep understanding of the construciton industry markets make up the quality of the IC studies. Interconnection Consulting is a constant companion concerning the assessment of markets and helpful for decision-making.

Bernd Blümmers (Directeur General, Saint-Gobain Solar Systems, Central Europe, Aachen)


Interconnection Consulting reports deliver a worthfull external perspective and are so a good contrast with regards to our internal market point of views.

Pedro Posada (CEO Salamander Industrial Products Spain)

Scandinavian Business Seating

The IC Report gives a very good overview of the Western European office furniture market, in a well-structured way. The data is helpful to better understand the market developments and drivers.

Beatrice Sotelo (Director Business Development , Scandinavian Business Seating)

Schneider Electric

Under a short time constraint, Interconnection was able to deliver an outstanding study that exceeded my expectation in terms of quality and market breadth. I highly recommend Interconnection to anyone in need of market research.

Jeff Canterberry (Director of Strategy and M&A, Schneider Electric)

Österreichs Personaldienstleister

The sales management tool ZAIS has become indispensable for many Austrian temporary staffing providers for fast and correct sales management decisions. A tailor-made online cockpit provides comprehensive monthly figures and data on temporary work and the labor market in Austria, while at the same time impressing with its overview and intuitive user guidance. Interconnection Consulting has consider individually to all user needs during development process and also convinces with fast response times during operation.

Dr. Gertraud Höltl (Generalsekretärin Österreichs Personal Dienstleister)


At the IC Impulsworkhop "Sales Optimization" we appreciate not only the practical relevance, but also the eloquent language and the perfect rhetoric. The most important benefit for our company was the sales pipeline. Adrian Capellarie (Head of Sales Admonter Holzindustrie)


I appreciate on the forum "Impulsworkshop Vertriebsoptimierung" the practical relevance of Peter Berger linked with his practical examples. I also liked the sovereign presentation style. The most important benefit was for me, on the one hand refresh of methods and also the sales management tools that were shown. Ing. Dietmar Hammer (Head of Product Management Gaulhofer)


The most important benefit of the Impulsworkshop "sales optimization" was in my view the procedure of the definition of strengths and the entire sales process. Mr. Berger is very competent and professional. Fabian Freund (Sales Manager, Kontron Austria)


When developing new market strategies, Interconnection is a trusted source we always come back to. Christian Frey (Marketing Manager CS DACH)

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