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Market Analyst at Interconnection Consulting since 2014, Industry Expert for market data and product trends. Laszlo Barla is responsible for the preparation of studies and market forecasting models within the construction industry and gastronomy. He heads various consulting projects and is an expert in internationalization.

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Inflation Prevents Even Higher Sales Growth

The gastro-coffee market in Germany, Austria and Italy has been in a recovery phase since the Corona pandemic with strongly increasing sales. Last year, the turnover of the gastro coffee sector for hotels, restaurants and coffee houses (HoReCa) increased by 39.5%. Despite the high growth, however, inflation is dampening the catch-up process in sales, as a study by Interconnection Consulting shows.

After the pandemic-related declines, it was expected that the 2019 sales level in the gastro coffee market could be reached again by 2023. However, this goal seems to be a long way off. Next year, sales are expected to be around 97,000 tonnes. In 2019, however, the volume sold was still 104,600 tonnes. Sales in Italy and Germany were at about the same level in 2022. However, the German market achieved a higher growth rate with more than 32% increase than the Italian coffee market with 23.1%. The uneven growth in the past year is due to a faster recovery of the Italian coffee market, whose recovery already started in 2021. At that time, both the German and Austrian markets were at a standstill. In Austria, growth in 2022 was even higher than in Germany at 37.8%, as the Austrian market is more dependent on the hotel industry. Due to higher average prices, turnover in Austria even increased by more than 50%.

 Whole Beans Dominate

 Whole beans lead the product segments in all three countries. In Italy the share is around 88%, in Austria 82% and in Germany just under 78%. While the whole bean is still gaining share, ground coffee is an endangered species in the catering industry. In Austria, ground coffee has a market share of 16.2%. In 2026, this will continue to decline to 13.8%. In Germany and Italy, too, the forecasts show similar developments with declining sales figures for the next few years. The segment with the greatest relative growth potential is the coffee capsule. Coffee capsules benefit from the recovery of the hotel industry and were affected by a particularly strong decline in 2020.

 National Differences

 Overall, the largest sales segment for gastro-coffee is the coffee house with a share of 37.5% followed by restaurants at 26.4% and the hotel industry at 26.1%. The bakery & confectionery follows in last place with 10.1%. Country-specific differences are evident in the weighting of the individual segments. While the share of coffee houses is disproportionately high in Italy, the share of restaurants is higher in Austria than in the other two countries. Germany again has the highest share in the bakery & confectionery segment. The big players in Italy are Lavazza, illycaffè, Segafredo Zanetti. In Germany, the leading manufacturers are Tchibo, Dallmayr, Melitta, Darboven and in Austria Julius Meinl. The analysis of the overall market shows a high market share of smaller players, which also means that the market barriers in the HoReCa segment are smaller than in the retail sector, as Laszlo Barla, the author of the study, explains.

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Turnover on the CEE Gastro Coffee Market Up More Than 40%

The gastro coffee market in the CEE countries (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia) has recovered significantly since the Corona pandemic. Last year, turnover in hotels, restaurants and coffee houses (HoReCa) increased by 41.6%, according to a study by Interconnection Consulting.

Part of the increase in turnover was due to inflation. Overall, average prices for the “whole bean”, the most important price indicator, rose by 9.2% in the countries surveyed. The increase in sales was 30% on the dot. After the pandemic-related declines in 2020, the recovery of the CEE market for gastro coffee started as early as 2021, at a time when the market in Germany and Austria was still stagnating. Despite the early recovery, however, the gastro coffee market will still not have reached the 2019 level in 2023. In 2023, sales will be around 10,400 tons, compared to 11,200 tons in 2019. The largest market among the countries surveyed is the Czech Republic, with sales of around 3,500 tons, followed by Croatia with around 2,400 tons. The countries showing the greatest growth potential for the next few years are Hungary and Slovakia. For Croatia, one fears stronger price increases after EU accession in 2023 and therefore a lower growth potential in volume.

 Bakery & Confectionery Do Not Play a Major Role

 Despite rising prices and saving households, coffee consumption in coffee shops remains an important social aspect of life in the CEE countries. With a share of 43.7%, the coffee house plays the strongest role. The share of coffee sales in the coffeehouse is even stronger than average in Croatia, at around 50%. Overall, restaurants with 24.7% and hotels with 23.6% are other important segments in the CEE region. The segment bakery & confectionery, plays with 7.9%, a minor role in gastro coffee. The restaurant share is highest in Slovenia, at around 30%. In Hungary, the hotel industry takes the highest share with around 29%.

 Barely Any Ground Coffee

 Whole bean leads the product segments in all five countries. In Croatia and Slovenia, the share is over 90%, and in CEE as a whole it is 89%. In contrast, the share of ground coffee in the CEE countries, compared to the Germany-Italy-Austria market, is extremely low at 8.3%. In this context, the “whole bean” benefits in the long term from the trend towards fully automatic coffee machines, and filter coffee machines with integrated grinders. Accordingly, the market share of ground coffee continues to decline. The segment with the greatest relative growth potential is the coffee capsule, which is benefiting from the recovery of the hotel industry.

 Julius Meinl Maintains a Strong Presence

The major players in the five countries surveyed are Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Franck, Julius Meinl and Darboven. While Julius Meinl has a strong presence in all five of the countries under investigation, Franck has a strong presence especially in Croatia and Slovenia. The analysis of the overall market shows a high market share of smaller players, which also means that the market barriers in the HoReCa segment are smaller than in the retail sector, as Laszlo Barla, the author of the study, explains.

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COVID forced a thriving sector to decline, but growth will resume soon

Only a prolonged pandemic could have weakened demand for professional coffee machines, as worldwide out-of-home consumption of coffee had been on steady growth trend for the last 10 years in almost all the 16 regions covered by this global report. Lockdown measures and travel restrictions have severely impacted all customer segments, in particular hotels and restaurants, and the worldwide market declined in 2020 by ca. 20% in terms of new machines sold. Interconnection predicts that demand will resume soon and in the next 3 years the global market will grow by a yearly average of 5,6%.


Europe severely hit, but downfall experienced in all regions

In Europe all major markets (Benelux, France, Germany, Italy, Nordics, Spain, and UK) lost combined 23,0% in quantity. Interconnection detected a slightly better performance in Germany and Nordics, while, at the same time, countries like Italy, Spain, and France suffered the most.

Outside Europe demand fell less on average, around 14%, but still high if compared with their performance of the last 5 years. For example, the Chinese market, which had been growing on an average around 30% in the last 3 years declined due to the COVID crisis, despite overperfoming with a fall of -3,3% in quantity. Other best performers have been East and South-East Asia, where coffee consumption is becoming more popular especially among younger generation.


Higher growth for collective/ event catering expected after the crisis


Rapid expansion of coffee houses has been observed especially in less mature markets where coffee consumption is clearly associated with a less traditional, more cosmopolitan lifestyle. A growing segment until the pandemic, collective and event catering lost more than 30% in 2020 because of home office and cancellation of indoor events. However, this segment will start regain market shares in the next 3 years.


Strong demand for touchless solutions and cloud computing

All product types have been negatively affected by the crisis, but fully automatic performed better than  semiautomatic and reached 49,8% quantity shares in 2020. Interconnection predicts that both groups will start to recover in the next 3 years and regain the lost ground with an average growth of 6,0% and 5,2% respectively. Average prices are on the rise and are expected to grow further mainly because of technological innovation, in particular, cloud computing, remote control and touchless solutions. Among the major global players, there are Cimbali, Evoca Group, Franke and WMF.

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Leading Companies trust in Interconnection Consulting


At the IC Impulsworkhop "Sales Optimization" we appreciate not only the practical relevance, but also the eloquent language and the perfect rhetoric. The most important benefit for our company was the sales pipeline. Adrian Capellarie (Head of Sales Admonter Holzindustrie)

Deutscher Holzfertigbau Verband

Interconnection provides us with the prefabricated house study a plausible and veritable data basis for the analysis of the actual situation in the prefabricated house market and beyond for the assessment of the future market development. We are happy to use this interpreted data for our lobbying and everyday work.

Thomas Schäfer (Managing Director, Deutscher Holzfertigbau-Verband)


The prefabricated housing study by Interconnection Consulting shows a real picture of the actual market situation and forms a valuable basis for our strategic decisions.

Gerhard Schuller (CFO ELK)


EPSON is satisfied with the Interconnection's way of communication with the market and with clients. EPSON is also appriciate the Interconnection's continuous work trying to aim the report to be at the higher level. As a result, EPSON rely on Interconnection data, for the market of POS Printers and Systems.

T.Murakami (Brand Management, Seiko Epson Corporation)


I appreciate on the forum "Impulsworkshop Vertriebsoptimierung" the practical relevance of Peter Berger linked with his practical examples. I also liked the sovereign presentation style. The most important benefit was for me, on the one hand refresh of methods and also the sales management tools that were shown. Ing. Dietmar Hammer (Head of Product Management Gaulhofer)


The most important benefit of the Impulsworkshop "sales optimization" was in my view the procedure of the definition of strengths and the entire sales process. Mr. Berger is very competent and professional. Fabian Freund (Sales Manager, Kontron Austria)

Österreichs Personaldienstleister

The sales management tool ZAIS has become indispensable for many Austrian temporary staffing providers for fast and correct sales management decisions. A tailor-made online cockpit provides comprehensive monthly figures and data on temporary work and the labor market in Austria, while at the same time impressing with its overview and intuitive user guidance. Interconnection Consulting has consider individually to all user needs during development process and also convinces with fast response times during operation.

Dr. Gertraud Höltl (Generalsekretärin Österreichs Personal Dienstleister)

Saint Gobain

Long experience and deep understanding of the construciton industry markets make up the quality of the IC studies. Interconnection Consulting is a constant companion concerning the assessment of markets and helpful for decision-making.

Bernd Blümmers (Directeur General, Saint-Gobain Solar Systems, Central Europe, Aachen)


Interconnection Consulting reports deliver a worthfull external perspective and are so a good contrast with regards to our internal market point of views.

Pedro Posada (CEO Salamander Industrial Products Spain)

Scandinavian Business Seating

The IC Report gives a very good overview of the Western European office furniture market, in a well-structured way. The data is helpful to better understand the market developments and drivers.

Beatrice Sotelo (Director Business Development , Scandinavian Business Seating)

Schneider Electric

Under a short time constraint, Interconnection was able to deliver an outstanding study that exceeded my expectation in terms of quality and market breadth. I highly recommend Interconnection to anyone in need of market research.

Jeff Canterberry (Director of Strategy and M&A, Schneider Electric)


When developing new market strategies, Interconnection is a trusted source we always come back to. Christian Frey (Marketing Manager CS DACH)

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