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Well-tempered future prospects for acoustic ceilings

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The development of the market for acoustic ceilings is directly connected with the general construction industry. In Europe, the growth of the sector in 2016 was a modest 1.2% in terms of volume, even after years of negative growth rates. In the coming years, Interconnection Consulting also expects decent growth (+ 2.1% in volume) on the European market for acoustic ceilings.

The construction industry is the growth engine

By 2019, sales of the acoustic ceiling industry will continue to rise in all the markets under investigation (the UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and the Benelux), largely thanks to the recovery of the construction industry in almost all of Europe. Above all, the new building sector will benefit most. This trend is set to be even stronger this year, says Vito Graziano, author of the study. Overall, the share of the new building segment is currently 43.6%. By 2019, according to Interconnection, the share in the new building segment should increase to 44.7%.

Mineral fiber dominates

Hard mineral fiber is the dominant material for acoustic ceilings with a share of 39.1%. While hard mineral fibers are the undisputed number one in all countries, the perforated plasterboard (22.6%) ranks second in almost every other country. Above all in France, Spain and Italy, plasterboard is increasingly in demand. Only in Great Britain metal ranks second. Metal is also the material with the strongest growth across Europe.

Prices show a clear north-south gradient

Prices are rising again after a period of stagnation. As it is generally the case in the construction sector, Europe is characterized by a strong north-south gradient in terms of average prices. For example, prices in the Benelux and Scandinavia are over 40% higher than in Spain and Italy. By 2018, average prices will rise in all European markets, with the exception of Scandinavia.

Office and commercial buildings are growing steadily

Acoustic ceilings are most frequently in demand in office buildings (33.7%) and in commercial buildings (20.2%). These fields of application will also be growth markets in the future. The situation is different, however, as far as industry is concerned. There, the sales figures will fall by an average of 0.8% annually by 2019. Grid systems are the predominant product group with a market share of 74.6%. Overall, the top 10 companies account for 76.2% of the market. Important companies are Knauf, Rockwool and Saint Gobain.

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