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Large regional differences characterize the Austrian window market

The regional growth rates on the Austrian window market fluctuate between + 10.2% in Vienna and -8.9% in Burgenland, as Interconnection Consultings new regional marketing study Win! Local shows. A strong new construction (+ 12.1%) and a simultaneous decline in the renovation sector (-2.4%) led to an overall market growth of + 5.3% on the Austrian window market.

Vienna profits from construction offensive

The federal states of Vienna, Vorarlberg (+8.0%), Salzburg (+ 6.2%) and Lower Austria (+ 5.9%) are above the nationwide average. The largest growth on the district level was recorded by Vienna Donaustadt with an increase of 15.3%, followed by Innsbruck (city) with 14.2% and Vienna Florisdorf.

Lower Austria is the largest regional market

The largest regional window market in the entire residential construction market is Lower Austria with a sales volume of 333,298 for 2017 followed by Upper Austria and Vienna. The smallest federal states of Vorarlberg and Burgenland are on the other end of the spectrum. The catch-up hunt, which Vienna is experiencing due to its construction boom, is also present here. While Viennas share of the new building segment in Austria in 2015 was still 16.1%, this figure increased to 17.3% this year.

The Salzburgers buy the most windows

Inhabitants of Lower Austria buy most windows for both types of residential buildings (one- and two-family houses, multi-storey residential buildings). Lower Austria also leads the ranking list with 216,388 window units in the segment of multi-storey residential buildings. This is followed by Upper Austria, Styria and Vienna. Most windows per 1000 inhabitants are sold in Salzburg with 227.4 units. Behind them are Vorarlberg with 217.4 and Upper Austria with 203.0. Despite the building boom, Vienna this is in the last place of this ranking list with 149.4.

A closer look at 99 political districts

In total, the market data for private construction (single- and two-family houses) and property construction (multi-storey housing construction and non-residential buildings) are collected and analyzed in the system Win! Local. They are divided into the categories of new construction and renovations on the level of the 99 political districts (Vienna is treated as a district here). The data can be directly integrated into the customers planning systems. For all major window markets in Western Europe, e.g Germany, the data are offered on the same basis by the Interconnection Consulting Group.

The calculation is based on data concerning completed buildings, which are linked, among other things, to local economic data, income trends, population numbers, etc. For this purpose, multivariate analysis methods are used to determine the factor influencing the market size. In doing so, regional peculiarities are addressed and the data are validated against the overall market development.

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