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The industry is developing a taste for sandwich panels

The market for sandwich panels in Europe posted a sales increase of 3.8% last year. Sales of sandwich panels increased by 3.1%. This continued the undiminished upswing that began in 2015. There will also be further growth in the next few years. By 2019, the market will grow by a further 3.2% per year, as a new study by Interconnection Consulting shows. The study closely analyzes 14 European countries.

Sandwich construction is practical and good

Sandwich panels are mainly used for the roof and wall installation of industrial, office and administrative buildings as well as refrigerated warehouses. The sandwich construction, consisting of a foam core and two metallic cover layers, enables a quick assembly. "What makes sandwich panels attractive on the market is their easy use, as well as the high load carrying capacity and stiffness," explains Marianna Svartzova, author of the study. The majority of the production is steel panels with a market share of 87.6%. Aluminum is the second-largest product group with a share of 10.8%. Overall, the entire market generated a market volume of around 3.5 billion Euros. The volume of steel sandwich panels alone amounted to more than 3 billion Euros.

Spain is a growth emperor

The largest increase in sales of sandwich panels in the countries under investigation was achieved by Spain (6.1%). Last but not least, the economic upturn and a concomitant increase in construction activity contributed to significant growth in both quantity and value in Spain. French growth last year was well above the average increase in sales. Growth rates in such countries as Italy, Poland and the UK were around the average (+ 3.8%). Comparatively moderate growth was attributable to Germany and Austria, which could only increase their sales by 2.5%. Similar growth is expected in both countries in the coming years.

Walls before ceilings

Altogether two-thirds of all panel areas (64.2%) were installed in the wall area and only one third in the ceiling area. Last year, the cumulative, installed panel area amounted to 170.38 million m2 across Europe. Newly constructed buildings accounted for 74% of business. The biggest customer segments for sandwich panels are production halls and warehouses, accounting for 32.7 and 27.4%, respectively. "Emerging sectors such as information technology and health are experiencing strong growth and will continue to grow in the future“, Svartzova says about the new trends.

Low market concentration

The market for sandwich panels is mostly regional. Overall, the share of the top 5 companies in Europe constitutes 30.9% of the total market, a slight increase compared to the previous year. The most important European companies are (in alphabetical order): ArcelorMittal, Isopan, Italpanelli, Joris Die, Kingspan, Lattonedil.
The following countries were examined in the study of Interconnection Consulting: Germany, France, Italy, UK, Austria, Spain, Russia, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Netherlands and Ukraine.

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