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Low Market Concentration of Window and Exterior Doors Industry

Interconnection publishes new study on the European window market
The market for windows and exterior doors in Europe has a volume of 24.2 billion Euros. The Europeanization of the market has contributed to the emergence of company groups. The five largest groups in the market have an accumulated market share of 8.3%. The high-turnover companies are usually still located in Western Europe, while the high-margin companies are increasingly buzzing in Poland.

Europe‘s Market Leader Has a Market Share of 1.3%

Of the 24.2 billion Euros generated by the sale of windows and exterior doors in 2015, the window segment accounted for 18.7 billion Euros. With a turnover of € 241 million, Europe‘s fastest-selling window brand has a market share of just 1.3%. Compared to other industries this is very little, but for the window industry it is a lot. By comparison, the five largest groups of companies in Europe (AFG, Atrya, Dovista, IFN and Inwido) combine 47 window and exterior door brands, while maintaining only a market share of 8.3%.

The No.1 Eastern European Exterior Door Manufacturer Comes from Slovenia

The number of sold units reflects a similarly low market concentration, but increasing growth can be noted in Eastern European companies, especially from Poland. A study entitled IC Company Profiles window manufacturers in Eastern Europe analyzes the 100 most important manufacturers in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and the Balkans; 25 of the 100 companies analyzed are from Poland. The study of exterior door manufacturers in Eastern Europe looks similar: 26 out of 100 companies come from Poland. While in the windows the top companies come exclusively from Poland, the company Inotherm from Slovenia ranks first as far as exterior doors are concerned. The Slovenian quality supplier exports 95% of its products to Western Europe.

The study IC Company Profiles window and exterior door manufacturers examines the 100 most important companies in Western and Eastern Europe. The study contains company profiles of up to four pages with information on the turnover, sales and product group distribution of individual companies.

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