B2B Wall-Ceiling-Floor Systems in Germany + Europe

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HOTEL IMPERIAL, a Luxury Collection Hotel
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Conference language: German (Simultaneous translation to English with 2 or more bookings)
Price: 790 €
The all-day IC Marketing-Forum Wall-Ceiling- Floor systems in Germany + Europe presents detailed information and analyses regarding the internal wall and ceiling market and to the markets for acoustic ceilings, raised floor systems and partition walls. We consider the market development in Germany and compare it with the development of the markets in Europe’s TOP countries. Regarding the market drivers we besides the general economic situation analyze the non-residential construction market. We present a general overview of the singular markets, including the market sizes and the average prices.

Furthermore we introduce benchmarks referring to product groups, materials and customer segments. Besides the market lectures in mid-morning, the afternoon is occupied by marketing- and sales optimization lectures, including discussions to actively involve the participants:

Current facts, figures and forecasts, as well as analyses according to:
• • The internal wall & ceiling market in Germany + Europe
• • Product groups: fire-resistant, waterproof, gypsum + to business fields
• • The markets for acoustic ceilings, raised floor systems and partition walls in Germany + Europe
• • with benchmarks referring to: Product groups, materials + business fields
• • the market environment: The economic development + the non-residential construction in Germany + Europe
• • within the categories: new building and renovation and referring to the types of buildings

Marketing- and sales optimization presentations including discussions:
• • Positioning strategies + success factors in the Wall-Ceiling-Floor systems markets
• • Power Pricing: How to use intelligent strategies for profit maximization
• • Online Lead-Generation strategies: How to systematically generate leads
• • SALES Excellence Program for Safeguarding Earnings

+ Price: 790€ per participant
+ Conference language: German (Simultaneous translation to English with 2 or more bookings)

++ Early booking benefit: TWO for ONE [pay for one while two participate]
++ Advantage in the offer can be taken until January 12th 2018. (Available for participants of the same company.)

Kaerntner Ring 16, 1015 Vienna, Austria

Interconnection Consulting is an Austrian market research company with focus on international branch analyses and market research as well as marketing consulting, which counts more than a thousand companies as customers. Since many years Interconnection connects the knowing of how markets function with the development and implementation support of consulting projects, seminares and forums.

As the number of participants is limited, we recommend an early booking via online application form.
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Dr. Frederik Lehner,
Managing Director, Interconnection Consulting
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Frederik Lehner is Managing Director at Interconnection Consulting with offices in Vienna, Lviv, Bratislava, Gdansk and Oberstdorf since 1999. Interconnection Consulting specializes in the area of international market research and consultation and has over 1,000 companies included in their portfolio. Frederik Lehner has extensive consulting and lecturing experience in the areas of decision-oriented market research, marketing, price management, internationalization, marketing and innovation management, and CRM. He has secured his position in the industry as a top consultant with over 200 studies in 30 different branches including the consumer and B2B divisions.
Peter Berger is an expert in the areas of sales-oriented management consulting, sales process optimization, CRM / CAS implementation, strategy optimization and change management. Peter Berger previously acted as General Manager for Sales & Marketing at Greiner Extrusion and Actual Fenster and established himself as the Head of Sales & Marketing of the HT-Extrusion (Theysohn, Technoplast, Topf) concentrating on the optimization of market strategies. Before he became a self-made sales-orientated management comsultant in order to promote businesses and people he wrote a book on “Sales Control – Technical Sales” which would enhance the library of any sales manager.
Consultant at Interconnection, Vienna Raphael Amschl has been a consultant in the E-Commerce and online marketing fields at Interconnection Consulting since 2008. Raphael Amschl has analyzed, optimized and implemented a lot of online marketing projects for many renowned companies. Prior to his career at Interconnection Consulting Raphael Amschl was responsible for technical organization at Du Pont as well as the University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna. He graduated with a major in Business Informatics from the University of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna.
Ernst Rumpeltes is Senior Consultant since 2010. He is responsible for conducting studies and consultancy projects in this industry. He is an expert in the area of market intelligence and forecasting models. Ernst Rumpeltes graduated from the Business Administration Department at the Vienna University of Economics.
Stefano Armandi graduated with a major in economics at the University of Rome and with a doctor’s degree in political sciences at the University of Milan. Since 2013 he is working at Interconnection Consulting. He is responsible for conducting studies and consulting projects and an expert in the fields of market intelligence and international economics. Stefano Armandi before joining Interconnection was employed at the CASPUR computer center in Rome and was teaching at the International University Vienna
Vito Graziano since 2016 works at Interconnection Consulting Vienna as Consultant and Market Analyst. He successfully completed his bachelor’s degree in economics and politics at the University of Münster, has three years professional experience in China (2013-2015) and presently completes his master’s degree in international business administration at the University of Vienna.

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HOTEL IMPERIAL, a Luxury Collection Hotel
Kaerntner Ring 16,
1015 Vienna, Austria
Phone: 0043 1 501100
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