Lead Generation

From Database Creation to Customer Appointments

Growth through new customers is tedious, but necessary. If no separate acquisition process is installed, the sales will suffer. This is usually noticed too late. Timely acquiring of new customers and care of existing customers databases are the key to long-term business success. The generation of leads should not be the responsibility of the seller, but be pre-positioned. Freedom in sales is barely present anymore. There is often no database that can be used in the case of new markets.

According to your needs we can provide you with:
  • Updated and personalized Databases
  • Information concerning size and the willingness to change brands of potential customers
  • Dates for your sales

We can also assist you in setting up and implementing the acquisition process in your company with a workshop. Every business is different and has an individual and special sales situation. That is why we can make you an offer that is tailored to your needs, providing you with an optimum cost/benefit ratio.

For further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Online Lead Generation

Online Lead Generation:

The way to attract new customers online

As a manufacturer you are in many industries dependent on close cooperation with trading partners, but the online market, where potential customers are looking for product information or to buy directly, must also be viewed with a clear strategy. Over 95% inform themselves over product information online before purchasing. Manufacturers and distributors searching for new customers and customer loyalty should not ignore this lucrative online market. The key to success is to find potential customers on the internet and to provide target groups with the requested information or products. You must analyze the search behavior of the users, collective it and turn it into leads. Isolated solutions do not lead to success! It requires a sound lead generation strategy with a clear division of powers, harmonization and coordination of various marketing projects or tools and meaningful metrics to measure success.

In order to accomplish this, Webverstärker, a spin-off from Interconnection, has conceptual and practical tools.
  • Webkraftverstärker – More leads through search engine optimization! Optimizing the conversion rate: from searching to inquiring!
  • Online Lead Generation Audit – Analysis and optimization proposals for current lead generation strategies. If necessary, complete realignment of lead generation projects!
  • AdWords Lead Generation - Customized search engine campaigns for effective lead generation in collaboration with trading partners where necessary.

Based on your specific sales situation, we will make you an offer tailored to your exact needs that has the best cost-benefit ratio for you. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Cold Calling

Cold calling for new customers and lead management to achieve the sales targets

Success in sales requires a balanced and an in line with the potentials of the company sales organization. The optimal utilization of the sales potential of existing customers is the foundation for success. The acquisition of new customers in many sales organization is a necessary and indispensable pillar for achieving the sales targets. LEAD management is the central tool for managing the sales organization. It ensures that available resources for gaining new customers are used effectively in order to achieve new business opportunities (Opportunities). Interconnection implements for you:

  • Sales check to analyse the current status and potential of the company
  • Programs to develop best LEAD management processes
  • Specific change processes for the optimal design of your acquisition processes

Every company is different and has a special sales situation. Therefore we make you an offer according to your needs with the optimal cost / benefit ratio. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.